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Tamara Wilhite

If you liked regular contribouteer to this magazine Tamara Wilhite’s stories, her first collection is in print, “Humanity’s Edge” Out now on Amazon.com.

T. P. Keating

Bleeding Hearts: The Diary of a Country Vampire By T. P. Keating Published by Lulu.com ISBN: 1-4116-4815-3 Available to download for US$2.50, or as a paperback for US$12.48. Medication can keep Connie's minor vampire heritage, but not the world, at bay. By accident, she discovers that mixing this cutting-edge medication with a glass of white wine will turn her into a bat. After fate takes Connie from London to Saxmundham, Suffolk, she makes the acquaintance of blood, death and an Army of Darkness. But it's not all positive. A mysterious combination of earthquake and explosion produces a part-radioactive, part-magical contamination, so that her new home falls within an exclusion zone for humans. A colony has been born. Then Connie's invisible, Harley Street doctor informs her of a new twist in her non-human heritage, which precedes her direct involvement with a prophecy, and a quest to save the fledgling colony. Her main ally is the town squire from the Middle Ages, a full-blown vampire who now drums in a folk-metal band, the other members of which are fast-moving, out of focus local spirit beings. http://www.lulu.com/content/160960 (with a FREE preview online) “An unusual take on the vampire myth that manages to reference the old stereotypes and avoid them at the same time. I liked it a lot.” MICHAEL CARROLL, JUDGING PANEL OF THE JAMES WHITE AWARD, FOR WHICH A CHAPTER OF THE BOOK WAS NOMINATED. “If only there was about a hundred more like you!” ILLONA VAMP, EDITOR OF BLOODLUST-UK. “Garlic be damned. There's no vampire mojo powerful enough to help us resist this enticing romp by T.P. Keating. Lured into his into his masterful web of bats, assorted ghouls and things that go slurp in the night; we're ultimately seduced by the melanin-challenged Connie. She's part vamp, obsessed with sunscreen almost as much as the next tempting jugular. The moon is full, the creatures are rampant, and every page is a decadent pleasure. Nothing to do but stock up on some back-up plasma and surrender. With Keating leading us through this delightful darkness, what's a few fang marks between friends?” GINA GALLO, AUTHOR OF ARMED AND DANGEROUS: MEMOIRS OF A CHICAGO COP.

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