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The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

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The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

by David Barton

I am the last of the red hot lovers! A different woman every night, that’s me. I always satisfy. Satisfaction guaranteed, my darlings! My dear, sweet things!

Each night a different lady receives the benefit of my sturdy cock. I shove it where it pleasures her greatly, I plunge my mighty spear deep! Oh how they thrill as it enters, how they squirm with delight as it goes deeper than anything has been in a long while. How they love me, embrace me, pull me deeper still! How they cry out in ecstasy!

Their orgasms are always fulfilled, they always come, every time, and as they do they cling onto me all the more, as if they never want to let me go. When I myself come it’s like a never-ending thing, I come like never before. I always do these days, it’s not like it was before, when I couldn’t find exactly what the problem was. I couldn’t get an adequate erection you see, not a problem with me you understand; it was the women, the problem was with them, or at least their condition

You see … I couldn’t get a stiffy with a living woman … I couldn’t get a stiff until I tried a stiff! Oh how I laughed at the irony as you are probably in tears of laughter now. I COULDN’T GET A STIFF UNTIL I TRIED A STIFF!

You see I am the last of the red-hot lovers. My lovers on the other hand are not; in fact they’re as cold as the grave. Come to think of it, they are from the grave! I dig them up you see! Bring them out of their final resting beds and fuck some life into their decaying bones and decrepit flesh! Their dead eyes stare up at me as I look down at their beautiful faces - for there’s even beauty to be found in rot! They say that beauty is but skin deep, I disagree; beauty goes on to a much deeper surface! When the front of the skull begins to show through in all its magnificence, is that not indeed beauty?

You could say I jump their bones, literally! DEM BONES, DEM BONES, DEM DRY BONES! You think I’m mad? You think I’m crazy? Just because I love the dead! It is you who are mad, you who are crazy! You have to experience everything in life, that’s what I say. Otherwise when you get put in the ground at the end of it, your dead brain is going to be full of regrets! Regrets I tell you! You’ll have wished you’d shagged a cadaver or two!

The women I pleasure night after night, they enjoy my warm cock inside them; oh how they enjoy it! It must seem to them like a red-hot poker, such is its warmth. (The red-hot lover with his red-hot poker!) I thrust it deep into their cunts and warm the cockles of their rotted hearts! I ram it home into their cold dry cunts! They haven’t known anyone like me, not for a while. They thank me, all of them. Thank me for my fucking! I fuck them good too - the best they’ve ever had, they tell me. I make them feel alive! Alive again! That’s what they say. Thank you for bringing us back to life, they murmur. Thank you, kind sir! Thank you, red-hot lover, they cry! Thank you from the bottom of our cunts! Our dry rotted cunts!

Lover, lover, lover man, they say. Our lover man. Our red-hot lover man! Our red-hot cock man!

Yes, I am the last of the red-hot lovers, at least … for them I am.

Copyright David Barton 2006

David Barton is the editor of Lost Souls Magazine, his fiction has appeared in the "fan fiction" section of the website for American horror author, Nicholas Grabowsky  http://www.downwarden.com and in the now defunct 31 Eyes ezine.  More info can be found at: http://chainsawhell.tripod.com/homepage

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