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       Issue 12/13                                  September 2006

Your editor!

Well here is Lost Souls again, the latest issue to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world!

Firstly, I feel I have to have a word about submissions. As they are creating problems for me. It’s the way you submit them that is the problem.

In future all submissions must be sent, preferably by attachment, NOT in double line spacing, NOT with page numbers, and sent with the title and the name of the author with them, and any biographical information you want included at the end. Also title your email with the name of your story, don’t just put: “submission”.

I receive all kinds of weird and wonderful submissions (and I’m not talking about the content of the stories!) Double line spacing, one was set in double line spacing and I couldn’t change it to single line at all! What the hell did you do to you text to make it so I couldn’t change it! One had question marks instead of apostrophes! Is this some kind of modern writing? Some people don’t like to put their names on their work either! Are you so ashamed of your story that you don’t want anyone to know that it’s you who’s written it! One didn’t even have the title on either!!

If you submitted a story to this issue and it didn’t appear, more likely than not there was something wrong with the way you submitted it.

Also scattered text in the body of an email is a problem. Please try to submit work as an attachment in future.

Anyway, now I’ve kicked your butts like naughty schoolchildren, here is the latest “double” issue of Lost Souls, with twenty stories! The next issue will be around next year. Sounds like a long time off I know, but it’ll soon arrive, so keep those stories coming!

David Barton


15th September 2006

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