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Issue Three     Winter Issue     February 2004

The editor realises that he isn't going to get this issue finished on time!

Lots more stories this issue, and less articles (well, er ... one actually!) But it was always my intention to focus on the fiction and gradually phase out having many articles in the mag (but I still want you to submit articles if you have them!)

So what's in this issue? Well, there's an article on Japanese horror movies, I suppose it was the American version of Ring that generated interest in the country's supernatural and shocking offerings.

Don't worry though, if Japanese horror is not your thing, there's plenty to keep you occupied in this issue, including all the latest news and reviews from the world of horror films and books, and as I've mentioned already there's a whole bunch of fiction to feast your hungry, bloodthirsty eyes upon!

So if your nerves are up to it, go back to the Contents and chose your first destination, be warned though, it may be your final one!


David Barton


February 2004


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