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       Issue 14/15                                       July 2007

Your editor!

It’s been a long time coming, I know, but here it as at last – Lost Souls issue 14 (and 15!)

I feel I have to begin again by commenting that, despite what I said in the last issue’s editorial, I am still being sent some stories that are in the same state as I complained about. I could whip your asses again, but I would probably be wasting my time. So, I’ll merely say, try to send them to me as they appear on the page, okay? That’s all. And please don’t send more than two submissions per issue for consideration, otherwise I’ll just chose from the first 2 nest to me and ignore the others!

The next issue of Lost Souls should be online in late September and I’ll make an extra effort to make sure it arrives here at that time (and not next January or something!) Yeah, I know you’ll believe it when you see it!

It’s quite ironic that my opening story is Baby Blues, about some guy who becomes pregnant (yean I know, an horrific prospect for all of us!) that it has been nine months since the last issue of Lost Souls. And as I look on all the issues of Lost Souls as my babies, here are my latest baby photos …

David Barton


6th July 2007

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