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The Face

Dean Koontz

The Face is a psychological and supernatural story about an actor (the Face) who receives a series of cryptic clues suggesting that he may have a stalker, but the person who is really in danger is his son, 10-year-old Fric.

The house's head of security, Ethan Truman, isn't that worried, but after tracking down the person who delivered one of the sinister parcels, he is killed ... er ... twice. But he lives, as though time is being rewound. Also he keeps glimpsing an old friend of his who is dead. Fric Receives phone calls saying that someone or something called Moloch (devourer of children) is coming, and that he had better find a safe hiding place. The caller always seems to know where Fric is, and what he's doing.

Single White Vampire

Lynsay Sands

Lucern Argeneau is a four hundred year old vampire, getting by in the world by writing contemporary romances about - what else - vampires. No one knows that he is really writing about his family! The books are successful, and his editor; Kate C. Leever of Roundhouse Publishing tries to encourage the reclusive writer to attend the Romantic Times Convention.

Lucern is determined however not to go. But Kate is even more determined that he should, and she has help from his family, who think that Kate could be the perfect mate for Lucern, though Lucern is reluctant to admit he is attracted to her.

The family don't go round biting necks like conventional vampires, they have invested in blood banks and have it delivered to them! But while he's with Kate he misses a feed once or twice, and once at the convention she begins to become concerned for his health.

It's a humorous twist on the vampire tale!

Hollywood Horror: From Gothic to Cosmic

Mark A. Vieira

This is the story of horror movies, from its roots in the silent film era to 1968. This, according to author Vieira, marked the end of the "classic" scary movie. It is illustrated with around 300 black-and-white photographs and covers every aspect of cinematic horror during that time. Not one - obviously - for those of you who love your modern day slasher flicks, more for the connoisseur of the films of such auteur as James Whale and Tod Browning.

Movie Reviews

At last one that's actually funny ... 

Scary Movie 3

Well the first wasn't much cop, haven't seen the second, but this, the third in the horror spoof/facre trilogy (and let's face it - trilogies usually come in threes! ho ho!) is halied by the critics as the best one (which isn't saying much really is it?!)

There's spoofs in there of The Sixth Sense, Signs, and Eminems 8 Mile

Probably worth the price of admission to see pop idol judge Simon Cowell get shot (nice one!)


It Disney scare me!  It Disney make me laugh! ...

The Haunted Mansion

A family-aimed horror/comedy (loosely-speaking - it's got Eddie Murphy in it, ho ho!) According to the critics it's okay as long as you aren't expecting to laugh or be scared (so not much of a horror comedy then?!)

Murphy (oh my sides are splitting already!) plays a real estate agent, Jim Evers, who has been so busy chasing down big sales, that he doesn't leave much time for his wife, Sara. When their anniversary arrives he makes a promise that they will take she and the kids to the lake for the weekend without any work getting in the way. However, Jim decides to mix business with pleasure and stop off at a large mansion on the way. They end up staying there longer than expected when they find its haunted by ghosts who don't want them to leave and one of the spectres takes quite a shine to his wife.

TV Reviews ...

Dark humour in a Darkplace ...

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

(Channel 4)

Spoof of 70s/80s TV horror shows like Thriller, Tales of the Unexpected and Hammer House of Horror, set in a hospital where weird things happen ... killer broccoli, that sort of thing!

Much better than Steve Cooghan's Dr Terrible!


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