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by David Barton

When she kissed me my mouth became stuck to hers. I couldn’t part our lips. It was like they had been superglued together on impact! It was then that I felt my insides begin to be sucked out of me.

It was definitely happening, I wasn’t imagining it. I pushed against her to break free from her but she was too powerful and she held me to her. It was the weirdest sensation. I mean it would be. Being sucked into someone else like that! But how was it possible?

I tried to think back for some clue some clue that she might do this to me, once our lips where locked but there had been none. I mean, you wouldn’t think that, would you when you met someone? Wouldn’t imagine that the gorgeous brunette creature with the green, seductive, cat’s eyes you have just met would suck your insides into them when you kissed, would you?

I thought it was too good to be true. That this woman, that looked like some model or something, with great looks, great body: tits, legs, everything you could possibly want, would be interested in me. I’m nothing special, I’m just ordinary not what all the women go for. Not the type women like that, women as gorgeous as that, go for.

Now I heard bones breaking. This went through me. The noise was uncomfortable to listen to. Imagine hearing all your bones breaking inside of you? The sensation was uncomfortable! Each bone in my body was snapping one by one and not just in one place, but several. Breaking into smaller pieces, then those being mashed into even tinier fragments.

I felt my legs go from under me obviously they’d broken into tiny, minute fragments then been sucked upwards up through my body, somehow! And, boy, was that a sensation and a half, as they joined the flow of everything else drifting upwards towards my mouth and then passing from that into her mouth.

My whole body felt like rubber, once all the bones had left me in this fashion. I guessed there was only flesh left now and very little of that. I wondered how I could keep on functioning if all my vital organs were being, or had already been, sucked upwards to their destination? It just wasn’t possible! This whole bizarre thing just wasn’t possible!

When it neared the end, when there wasn’t much left of me to go into her, she took her lips from mine and, as she held my head the only bit of me left in her hands, I peered down at nothing. There was nothing of me left!

I was just a head now.

She burped, and I got a whiff of her breath, which much have smelled of me. That must be what I smelled like when I came back up someone‘s digestive system repeating on them!

Had I given her bad indigestion? I sincerely hoped so, for what that bitch had done to me! It was something to take comfort in that I’d given the bitch the mother of all flatulence! Some kind of retaliation! Some kind of fighting back!

‘Delicious,’ she said and smiled. Then those lips came towards me again and she kissed me. Just the slightest of affectionate pecks, this time, and then she smiled again after she’d withdrew. ‘You’re a very delicious man!’

‘What have you done to me?’ I asked her.

‘Consumed you,’ she said, as if it was just something someone did everyday.

‘Why … how?

She pulled her eyebrows together. ‘I don’t know, really is the answer to both those questions. I just saw you and decided I wanted to consume you.’

‘How am I going to go on in life now, with just a head?’ I queried her. ‘This is a bit debilitating to say the least!

‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ she said, ‘I’m going to consume that too, once I’ve smashed it against that wall over there, to make it smaller!’

Copyright David Barton 2011

David Barton is the editor of Lost Souls Magazine, in 2010 he had his debut non-fantasy genre novel, Ever Fallen in Love, published by Lulu Press, which is available from Amazon. He has also had various short fiction, articles and pieces published in a number of different publications both online and in print.

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