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Debbie Rochon joins THE LUNAR PACK

Hocus Focus Productions has just made a deal with horror film legend and scream Queen, Debbie Rochon, to hostess THE LUNAR PACK DVD, due out in October. Miss Rochon will be creating the character Mistress Misty, a humorous woman with a history of fraternizing with some familiar monsters...and she has the babies to prove it! The Mistress will be the cohesive force holding the three short werewolf films together.

"I grew up in New York," Director Jason Liquori stated, "and never got to enjoy those late night shows with old horror films being introduced by a colorful character on local T.V., so I decided to produce my own." Liquori feels that a horror veteran like Rochon will be able to breathe life into the Mistress and help horror fans relate to the string of monster movies.

THE LUNAR PACK is the first in a planned series of DVD's featuring Mistress Mindy and her litter of illegitimate hell-spawn. Next time around Liquori hopes to present three different looks at how to deal with the Grimm Reaper himself.

You can find out more about THE LUNAR PACK DVD and other Hocus Focus Productions films at www.hocfocprod.com



May 7, 2004--Hocus Focus Productions has been gearing up to make its next feature film for some time now. In preparation for OPERATION: WOLF SPAWN, which is currently in development, the independent video production company has begun production of three short werewolf movies. The three will be presented in one DVD collection, THE LUNAR PACK.

Each short movie is an experiment in make-up F/X and camera and editing techniques. This means that although the films share one writer and director, they will each have their own signature looks and bring a different twist to the werewolf genre.

DARK ROSE: 700 YEAR ITCH and SHEEP'S CLOTHING are already in the can (or small plastic case since these were both produced on digital video) and CRYING WOLF, is now in preproduction, with principal photography scheduled for this summer. CRYING WOLF is slated to be shot on a 24fps miniDV camera for a more cinematic look, setting it apart from the other two shorts in the collection.

Award winning director, Jason L. Liquori, has written all three screenplays and is even featured in one of the movies. "I was the only one who work twelve hours straight for free," he quips. Liquori explains that all of his cast and crew members actually go well beyond the norm to help tell the tales (or should we say tails) of these most unusual werewolves.

The expected release date is Halloween 2004. Check the Hocus Focus Productions website, www.hocfocprod.com
, for a trailer from one of the movies and for future updates.


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Alien 5

Rumour it that Sigourney Weaver has already signed for the proposed Alien 5. The plot has her travelling to the Alien home world and wiping out the species for good, and her character being killed off at the end of this one for good.

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