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Clive Barker’s Abarat for Disney

Disney has bought the rights Clive Barker’s dark children’s fantasy story series Abarat for a reported $8 million, and screenwriter John Harrison is handling the adaptation. Barker says he is confident that Harrison will do a good job of adapting the books.


True Horror in Wax!

Paris Hilton, yes “that” Paris Hilton, is to star in the remake of the 1953 Vincent Price classic, House of Wax.

Hilton claims that she is a big fan of Horror (yeah Paris we’ve seen you in the simple life - and that was horrific!) It's a Joel Silver produced film, and is expected to open in American cinemas in October.


An Alien Concept

After the success of Freddy vs. Jason, hitting British cinemas in late October is Aliens V Predators  

Oh dear, what next - Jaws vs. Pinhead??!!


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