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Why Me Daddy?

by Angela Adame

I was awaken by a loud scream a scream of a woman I believe. Jumping out of my warm safe bed I took off down the corridor of this stuffy mansion that my father rented for his three month of work.

I got to the stair case and started to tip toe on each cold oak step holding on for dear life to the pretty animal carving rails. I couldn’t hear the screams no more but I could hear my father mumbling.

My heart was pounding as I got to the last step walking toward the two black doors leading to the library, I peeked in and saw the blood dripping from my fathers hands and the lifeless body laying the table.

“But who was it?

I couldn’t see in that far and are eyes met and I let out a scream and bolted up the crooked stair case and right into my room, I slid under the bed for it was my safety place away from monsters.

I heard my father walking up each creepy stair and calling my name with his demanding voice.

Legend! Where is my beautiful little girl”

The door opened with a slight creek (like you would hear in haunted houses) I also could see his brown shoes with the laces half tied.

The bedspread flopped up and are eyes are to each other once more.

“Come here doll, I need to talk with you about what you seen in daddies library.”

The blood still on his hands.

Daddy, what did you do? And why are your hands bloody?

That’s what I need to talk to you about Legend.

As he sat on my bed I still could not get that lifeless body out of my mind, and who was it?

“Doll what you have witness was daddy doing an act from a movie” Just to keep my imagination flowing, I promise.

But for some reason I did not believe him, and tears were still running down my face with fear.

“Now, wipe your tears and hop back under these nice warm blankets.”

Ok, Daddy.

Don’t forget to say your prayers!

He slowly walked out of the room as the prayers got weaker “Our father who art in heaven” my eyes heavy and droopy I fell fast asleep.

I awoke to the fresh smell of eggs, and bacon “yum” my favorite kind of breakfast. I rolled out of the warm covers and ran down the old creepy stairs, and passing the damp looking library.

Oh! Wait saying to myself, I have to look and see the lifeless body and the gory blood stains.

When I slowly entered the library I felt my hands sweaty and my feet barley moving. Looking for the lifeless body I saw nothing not even blood stains.

“Phew” father was right it was all an act.

Legend! What are you going in daddies library? You know you not allowed!

Yes, daddy I’m sorry.

That’s ok, now lets eat before breakfast gets cold.


The warm eggs and cold orange juice “what a breakfast”

After we at our meal I asked daddy if I can go out and explore the grounds of this stuffy old mansion.

Daddy can I go out and play?

Sure stay on the grounds, and don’t go wondering by the lake, you hear!


I ran up stairs and got dressed and made sure that I had my favorite dolly “Camille” with me, she went everywhere with me.

Walking down the crooked staircase passing the library and into the fore to the main doors that lead right outside.

Heading outside I felt the warmth of the sun. “Look Camille, a rose garden shall we check it out? Since we can’t go by the lake.

Skipping all the way to the rose garden I spotted a shinny object. As I bent down to see what it was, it was a pretty golden necklace.

Lets show daddy Camille what we found.

Skipping back into the mansion daddy was sitting in his big leather chair reading the news paper.

“Daddy, look what we found”

What did you find precious?

This golden necklace.

He stood up shocked and demanded where I found it.

I found it in the rose garden daddy, because I couldn’t go by the lake.

He ran out to the rose garden mumbling strange words, as I followed him to the garden.

Daddy what’s wrong?

He looked like someone had mentioned death, all he did was looking around as if he lost something.

Daddy, I said what’s wrong?

Nothing! Now lets get back inside, and stay out of these roses you hear the thorns can cut you!

Yes, daddy

As they both entered the mansion Legend was ready for a nap. Getting comfortable with the old creepy mansion Legend would put herself to sleep.

A few hours passed and Legend awoke to a horrid banging, getting up she walked to the eyes (as she called the windows) she spotted her father with a shovel and looked as if he was digging a lump of dirt.

Putting her shoes on anxiously to see what her father was digging.

But by the time she got to the roses he was gone and there left is a huge hole leaving Legend puzzled.

Bang! Bang!

She heard pounding which lead her to her father, which he was in a small room to her called the dungeon. and their he was with a huge black bag.

What was in it? She said to herself.

Her father ran up the stairs from the dungeon looking room, Legend ran into the mansion trying to find that room, and could not find it anywhere.

Finally she would try outside.

Running outside she came to the window again and still no sign of her father. There’s a door hidden in back of all the crazy growing ivy she saw.

She walked over to the door her heart beating as fast as she could run, Legend pushed open the door half way her curiosity got her as she saw the half open black bag.

As she opened the bag she saw her mother who was suppose to be in Paris.

"Mommy," she cried. Tears running from her shivering face.

Legend! Her father called out angrily!

You made daddy sad, a bad little girl. What is daddy going to do now?

Tears running down Legends little innocent face as her father walked in her heart still pounding faster and with fright she started to shiver.

As she seen her father reach for the light switch the room got pitch black and little Legend let out her last scream.

Copyright Angela Adame  2005

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