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Issue Seven    Spring Issue    April 2005

The editor is a shadow of his former self!


So, beloved connoisseurs of all things dark and deadly, we find ourselves at Issue 7, and even though I didn’t receive as many stories this issue (tut, tut, where were you?!) there still plenty here to whet your appetite.

As Lost Souls goes on, it becomes more varied and has tales of fantasy, and sci-fi drifting into the mix, as well as horror.

I myself, have found myself moving away from horror in my own writing more and more, and making a departure into fantasy, albeit dark fantasy, of course!

Perhaps I should re-subtitle the mag: the Magazine of Horror and Fantasy?

Lost Souls was always meant to be a broad umbrella of new talent right from the start, and as long as it fits, it’ll go in, no mater which genre it may officially belong to.

So read on and enjoy 8 tales of horror … and fantasy!


David Barton

Editor, Lost Souls Magazine

29th April 2005


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