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Wax Acting?

It opens 6th May in the States, and it's a remake (well, the title's the same!) of the original Vincent Price 1953 classic.  And it’s the big film part debut of Paris Hilton who has a big death scene in the movie.

About the movie Paris has said after viewing an early screening of the movie, ‘I was screaming and covering my eyes because it was so gross!’ Let’s hope that we are screaming for all the right reasons when we ourselves watch it and not because of the ... er ... plastic (sorry) acting!

See Saw 2 at Halloween!

If you saw Saw 1 then you’ll probably be interested to know that it has been confirmed that Darren Lynn Bousman is directing the sequel, and that it's set to start production in May, and will be released in time for Halloween.

The Remake Horror Continues …

The remake of The Amityville Horror becomes yet another addition to the recent remakes of 70s horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Toolbox Murders..


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