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Editor: David Barton
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Pig in a Poke by David Barton

The House of Cards by Anthony Ferguson

A Gnawing Problem by James E. Gurley

Business-Related Stress by Ben Prescott

Zademo's Undead by Wade Bush

A Human Race Against Time by Tamara Wilhite

Born on the 13th by Ryder W. Miller

The Instinct to Survive by Rick McQuiston

Sarah by Hasan Abood

When the Moon Wanes, I Wax by T. P. Keating

Zombies by David Barton 

Inbetween Rd by N. T. Schofield

A Perfect and Attractive smile by Rick McQuiston

Time For Jesus by Gary Scroggins

The Box by Keith Crews

Through Sharing, Life by Tamara Wilhite

An Eye For an Eye by P. J. Aitken

Goat Food by Joel Bignell

Maggot by Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Wolf Orchard by Matthew Carroll

The Communicator by Tim Pettigrew

Jed's Last show by Ryder W. Miller