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Quit hanging around!

Get those short stories and articles written and submitted to us!

If you think you've got what it takes to write for our magazine
then why not email us with your work and we may consider
We accept short fiction and articles
(horror related - of course!) ,  plus
book/film/video/DVD reviews etc
Any photos or illustrations to accompany
your work also gratefully received
All writers must submit work with the full knowledge that the
no payment will be given.
Ideally no more than 3000 words for articles and short fiction, although I'm not strict on this if you go over by a few hundred words.
     It must be a finished piece, as you want it to be seen.  I won't be doing any editing of any kind, unless it's just the odd spelling mistake.  So make sure your spelling and grammar and everything is immaculate.  
     You retain your copyright and can use your submitted work as you wish anywhere else.
     You can send a short biography with your short stories, or even with your articles, and I'll include it with your work.  This must be written, as you want it to appear.  Again, I won't be editing.  You can have links to your site etc in your biographical information.  But make it a short paragraph, not too long!
     All short fiction and articles must be from new or new-ish writers, as that is the nature of the magazine.
     You can send interviews you've done with established people in the horror writing or film field, but they must be recent and relevant.  It's best to email me first if you are intending to conduct such an interview, to see if I'm interested in you doing a piece on that particular person.
     Email your work by attachment in Word format please.