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 Editor: David Barton

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Snapshot by Anthony Ferguson

The Halloween Child by Ryder W. Miller

Ring of Teeth by Rick McQuiston

True Lust Never Dies by Darren McCormick

Sea Wolves by Richard Humphries

The Events Befalling a Small Band of Confederate Deserters by Ben Prescott

Reconciliation by Robert Adamovich

The Feeding by Rick McQuiston

The Caffeine Hit by T. P. Keating

Conversation in the Black Room by Christopher Frost

Death Wagon by Joe McKinney

Black Eye Shadow and Silver Crosses by N. Immanuel Velez

Jack the Ripper by Danny Mowinski

Kill All Machines by Kenji Siratori

The Lady in the Fog by Naomi Clark

Shall it Never Be Forever by Tamara Wilhite

The Walker by Ryder W. Miller

The Apartment by N. Immanuel Velez