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 Editor: David Barton

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The Murder House by David Barton

Book By Its Cover by Drue Fairie

Inborn Talent by Tamara Wilhite

Retford's Haven by Darren McCormick

Werewolf Sleepover by T. P. Keating

The Chase by Kirk Jolly

Cat's Eye by Jeani Rector

Worms by David Jones

Them again by Ryder W. Miller

Three Simple Words by Cornelius Fortune

Vermont Fly Trap by Daniel Hoar

What I Saw by Drue Fairlie

The Axeman by Brad McLellandi

Rot by Nicholas Ehsti

Leave of Absence by Anthony Ferguson

Ghost Fight by Ryder W. Miller

Strange Day by Michelle Fiscus

Born and Dead in Brooklyn by Naomi Clark

A Stray Thought by Michael McNichols

The Last of the Red Hot lovers by David Barton