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 Editor: David Barton

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Editorial a word from the ed


Baby Blues by David Barton

The Gaze of the Abyss by Ed Glasby

The Night Light by Ryder W. Miller

A Million Demons by Rick McQuiston

Dream Scare by B. C. Smeart 

Unusual Appetites by Naomi Clarke

It Follows  by Alec Kowalczyk

The Pummel Stone by Kevin Sheehan

Black water Rising by Anthony Ferguson

Sometimes It's Better To Do nothing by Steven Collins

The Edale Job by David Michael Jones

My Brilliant Son by Daniel Hoar

What Darkness Deposits by Ed Glasby

Dispatched by S. D. Hintz

Highland Coffee High by T. P. Keating

Waiting Up by Rick McQuiston

Hell by Brian Wright 

Watching George Romero at the World's End by David G. Montoya

Dankerville by Ryder W. Miller

The Card Game by Higgins

Distant Voices by Anthony Ferguson

The Creature in the Lake by David Barton