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Horror Story

by Anthony Lewis

Leon was an ordinary man, or at least the side that he showed to everyone was seen as normal. He stood about 5’8’’, weighed about 160 pounds, and lived in a house with his loving wife. He held a special place for his wife in his heart, but this was complicated after the recent miss-carriage. It gave him a feeling of hatred towards the world, and made keeping up the wall that kept him hidden that much more challenging.

He woke up one day feeling especially separated from the world that he was a part of, even more than usual. It was as if he had been possessed by an outside force that enraged him, almost to the point of uncontrollable eruption. Despite this feeling he fulfilled his morning routine and sat down at the kitchen table where his breakfast awaited him. Minutes pass without a sound in the Frost household before the silence is broken by an uneasy question.

“Why aren’t you eating” Leon’s wife Lora asked with concern while placing a knife on the table.

“Not sure” Leon said while something inside him made those two words his last. He then rose from his seat, almost zombie like with a blank stare, and walked towards his wife with an urgency about him.

“Honey…you’re scaring me” Lora said while uselessly backing up into the counter. The look on Leon’s face intensified, clearly with dark intent, as he picked the knife up off the table and lunged at his wife. Only one scream was released as Leon ended her life with quick thrusts of the knife into her body.

THUD. Leon woke up, hitting his head on his beds headboard.

“You all right honey” Lora said to him in a sleepy slur.

“Not sure” Leon said while forcing a pillow over her head, watching her twitch and then slowly become motionless.

Copyright Anthony Lewis 2012 

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