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by Eadie Allen with Sharon Bailey

His hand came up from under the ground. He pulled her through the dirt, muffled her scream of surprise and terror. He wanted sex and blood. Nothing better on this earth or under it, in the other world. She was blonde, sunny and cheerful. That's how she looked to him.

"Can I offer you a warm beverage?" He growled at her. "Blood is best, seasoned with twigs and bark."

"Let me go", she screamed at him. "I can't stay here. I'm not dead."

"How do you know that you aren't?" He reached for her, wondering if she had left the other life. He put his lips on her neck, searching for a pulse.

"Please let me go", the tears streamed down her face. "What do you want with me?"

"I want to look at you. Then I want to nourish myself on your healthy blood."

"Oh God, how did I get here?"

"I picked you out of the above ground creatures and brought you here to be with me. Once you get used to the other life, you'll be happy. The beginning is strange, makes you frightened. Not all vampires, but you aren't adjusting as well as you might to the other world. Once you're over your fear you'll love it. You'll have power over those above ground. You can bite them, take their blood, and they'll be yours. Imagine owning someone because you've claimed their body, soul, and mind." He smiled at her, showing her the fangs that he'd kept hidden. He didn't want her to have a heart attack, just die peacefully as if she was sleeping. Go to bed and wake up to something different. Be a good girl, make him happy. She could give him so much pleasure.

"I want to go back", she said, her voice parched and raw.

"Drink this", he offered her a cup of blood.

"No, damnit, leave me alone."

"You'll die, but you might be dead now."

"No, I'm still breathing."

"We breathe under the ground. You'll see how we live after you spend more time with us."

She kicked at the dirt above her. It fell on top of her, and she fell deeper through the hole in the ground. She was choking, the strange smells surrounding her. She tried to scream, but no sound came from her mouth. He wouldn't let her go. She would have to do something to him. What could she do, he was already dead. She stared at his red eyes, wondering if the blood he drank had colored them. His black hair looked as if it was on fire. Now that they were under the ground, buried in layers of dirt, he was more frightening. She should have never gone with him. Her parents had warned her about strangers. She wouldn't have disobeyed them if the weather hadn't turned to freezing rain, particles of ice spraying her face. His look said that he had her where he wanted her and he wasn't letting her go. Try and get away from me all you want, I'll only hold you tighter, until your last breath.

"Maybe, I'll marry you. We'll have a vampire wedding. Would you like that? Have my children from drops of your blood?" He laughed, as if he enjoyed her discomfort. He had power over her, he didn't have women in the palm of his hand when he lived above the ground. He was only an ordinary man, did average things. Ate a balanced dinner, not sat down to a feast of blood. Kissed a woman, not bit her neck, bit it until the blood sprayed them.

"I'll never be happy with you", she said, trying to hold back her tears. "I don't belong in here!"

"That's not where we are, darling. This is a happy place. No worries, no problems. You don't have to go to work tomorrow. Pay any bills. Take out the garbage. Think of that. How many women would trade places with you in a minute? All day and night to pleasure yourself. Can you call this hell?

"Let me go, damn you!"

"Scream all you want. No one above the ground can hear you. No one but the vampires that are near you. They are your friends now."

She wanted to ask him so many questions, but was afraid of the answers. What kind of a monster was he, to snatch her away from her home, her family, her life? She looked at his red eyes again and noticed that they were smoldering as if they were buried among coals. She could feel the heat coming from him. She wondered if he was angry, or the blood in him was boiling, rushing to the surface. What would he want to do to her now that he had her under his control? She had never made love with a vampire. The thought of it sickened her. He was dead, she was still alive. Wasn't she alive; she thought that she was a living, breathing woman, not a vampire. He stared at her. His eyes burned brighter. He bit her and she began to bleed. He cut himself with a sharp piece of rock and transferred some of his blood to her. She fought against him. He became stronger, his grip tighter. She struggled against him. He bit her again and again. She felt her blood swirling inside of her. It was no use, she knew she would belong to him.

"Ready to meet new friends?" He asked her in a soft voice. "I don't want to share you, but you must have company, or you'll be lonely."

She shuddered thinking of a group of vampires. One was more than enough. He beat his wings against his body, then opened them, motioning her to step inside his embrace. She pulled back, he put a wing around her, and bit her gently and slowly on the neck. A lover's kiss, he said to himself. One more kiss of blood, and she would belong to him. He could feel their blood mixing together. Human to vampire. She changed before his eyes. The ceremony was over. She was beautiful, blood dripping from her, wings spread out, and wed to him.

Copyright  Eadie Allen with Sharon Bailey 2012

Part-D is from a short story collection titled SNIPS. Sub-titled Part A-E, SNIPS is described by the author as being about vampires at their neck biting, blood sucking best.

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